Safe Money Transaction

Buildryt ensures your money's safety through our escrow-style model. Funds are held until contract conditions are met to your satisfaction. Trust us for a worry-free construction experience.

  • Your money is 100% secure.
  • Until the milestone is met, Your money is not released.

True Transparency

At Buildryt, transparency is our guiding principle. We keep you informed at all stages of the project, from materials to construction processes. You'll receive detailed documentation and reports, ensuring you're up to date with the project's status..

  • Complete details on materials used.
  • Detailed documentation of project status.

Assured Quality Control

Quality is our priority. Our dedicated team regularly inspects the construction site, working closely with the contractor to maintain the highest standards. We use branded and verified materials to ensure excellence in every project. Trust us for exceptional results that surpass your expectations.

  • 360+ Point rigorous quality check.
  • BRYT-CQCS (Buildryt - Construction Quality Control System) certification.
  • Experienced Quality Control Team.

Buildryt Home-Owners Manual (Buildryt HOM)

At the time of project completion, we hand over a Buildryt Home-Owners manual with all drawings and essentials just so that you are not left guessing. This manual is the guide to your dream home.

This comprises of:

  • A summary of the fundamental design principles of the structure.
  • The building's construction details.
  • Instructions for operation and maintenance.
  • Results of commissioning and testing.
  • Warranties, guarantees, and certificates are all provided.

Payment Schedule

We use a milestone-based payment approach, which means that for each step of construction, there is a predefined payment, and once that stage is completed to your satisfaction, the next stage begins. This offers you both flexibility and confidence. This keeps the Contractor and us both motivated while also ensuring that you are completely satisfied.


We use the state-of-the-art BIM (Building Information Modelling) services for the planning, design, and documentation of our construction projects. Our BIM services in conjunction with advanced tools and technology help mitigate any design flaws before we even move a brick. This digital representation also helps us to show you how your dream home will look at many layers. Sounds cool isn't it?

Real-time project progress tracking

Our mobile application keeps you updated with the status of your dream project and in addition you also receive new daily updates/reports through WhatsApp. This helps us to maintain the trust between us and our clients.

  • Complete details on materials used.
  • Detailed documentation of project status.

On-time delivery

We provide a master schedule as well as monthly schedules and guarantee that the project will be completed on time. Weekly updates are distributed to clients on a regular basis to keep them informed of the status of their projects. We also have a penalty policy in place in the event of a delay this is to ensure our deadlines are guaranteed to be met with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Personalization and Innovative design

Innovative design plays an essential role in every home we build, from everything you see to everything you don’t.

  • From floor plans to exterior elevations, from design options to smart home automation, No two Buildryt homes are ever the same.
  • Uniqueness is our special quality, and our masterminds think on another level to maintain that.
  • Our commitment to innovative design also extends to our quality construction techniques and the materials we use.


Buildryt offers a standard 10-year structural warranty for your peace of mind. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every home we build is designed to last for decades. Rest easy knowing your investment is protected and your dream home will stand the test of time with Buildryt.

Smart Home Ready

We lay the foundations required to make your home smart home ready with data cabling for internet provision, speaker cabling for audio and coaxial cable for TV, etc. This new modern world requires modern equipment and we promise to provide you with the best to give you a standard of living.

Healthy Home

A healthy home prioritizes the physical and emotional well-being of those who live there. Smart ventilation and Proper air circulation are for healthy air to keep you happy and fresh, this also promotes the entry of natural sunlight into your home. Healthy ventilation helps you stay positive and act as a stress booster at the same time.

  • Enhances Indoor Environment Quality
  • Healthier and Happier Living
  • Reclaim daylight

VR Ready

"See your dream home come to life even before an actual brick is laid." At buildryt we use the state of the art VR technologies to help visualize the design and provide 3D walk-throughs of your home.

  • Reduce the number of potential aesthetic changes by seeing the designs well in advance.
  • Experience a BIM enabled immersive 3D environment.